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Coaxial heat exchanger

cooling capacity:17.5KW Innet tube : Titanium tube 35mm Outer tube : Titanium tube 38mm Coaxial heat exchanger: Heat exchanger manufacturer and supplier in China Compact size heat exchanger Anti-fouling heat exchanger Antifreeze heat exchanger High safety heat exchanger Quality guaranteed heat exchanger

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Coaxial Heat Exchanger consists of one inner twisted tube and one outer tube.Heat and cold liquid seperately flow in inner tube and between yubes for heat transferring.Its advantages:pressureproof,quakeproof,antideformed,dirtyproof,oil returning smoothly,safe and high-quality,leakproof,convenient,resonable price,well applied into teat pump system.

Property :

1.Low requirments on water quality.Speace between tubes is enough to allow water with fibre,sand etc passing,and avoid scale formation.
2.It produces high turbulence fluw to avoid scale formation on water side due to spiral
twisting construction.
3.Screw construcyion of inner tube,enkarged surface and thick tube wall to strengthen antifreezing capacity.
4.Good oil-returning performance.Without vertical flow direction of refrigerant,oil returns into  compressor even the flow is small.
5.High efficience of heat transferring,and balanced heating or cooling capacity;
6.The heating tubes choosed as the working environmrnt.Materials from copper,cooper nickel    90/10,copper-nickel alloy Bfe10-1-1,Bfe30-1-1,seamless steel,titanium,monel etc.
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