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Cold room condenser unit/Cold room evaporator/Industrial condenser and heat exchange tube GBH02-CMF

Heating capacity:8.5KW cooling capacity:6.7KW Water flow:1.6 m³/hour Copper Tube: 19.05mm tube in shell heat exchanger: Copper tube heat exchanger High efficiency heat exchanger Air energy heat exchanger Heat pump heat exchanger Heat exchanger manufacturer and supplier in China

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High Efficiency Tube in Shell Heat Exchanger can be widely use in water-source air conditioner/industry chiller and heat pump etc.

Features High Efficiency of Heat Exchanger:

1. Using high efficiency rifle tube ,heat exchanger area is 3.6time than the smooth type.

2.Fins inside & outside tube induce turbulence flow of freon and water .It's one cause of high efficiency.

3. The compact helix structure of the coil ensures sufficient heat exchanger between the gas and water.


1) Whole tube inside shell has no internal jionts ,That' means no welding bug.

2) The copper is fully shaped and then installed into the shell thus free from curedamage.

3) There is not block on water loop and the water flow is smooth ,thus keep it free from ice and dirty.

4) The drain is on the lowest poin of the heat exchanger and easy for drainage in cold season.

Small volume:

Compact size is helpful to save the space for the heat pump and thus reduce the volume of the unit.

Heat exchanger tube:
High-efficiency fined copper tube.
Shell:High quality steel.


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