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Heat pump heat exchanger/swimming pool heat exchanger/Titanium tube heat exchanger

Heating capacity:10.5KW Water flow:4.5 m³/hour Titanium Tube Coils Titanium tube:TA1 Swimming pool heat exchanger: PVC heat exchanger Titanium tube heat exchanger Seawater heat exchanger for heat pump Swimming pool heat exchanger Heat exchanger manufacturer and supplier in China

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Titanium has the super strong corrosion proof ability.And the titanium heat exchanger use seamless pure titanium tube as heat conductor,can ensure the titanium heat exchanger can be used for a long time ,without some charge in the service.Due to its good properties,the titanium heat exchanger widely used in swimming pool,marine central air conditioning unit,aquaculture,cool water irrigation,pharmacy,the food industry,electroplating industry and some heat recovery from the waste water or exhaust gas.

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